Entries or images in other blogs can be easily transferred to the FC2 Blog!

Transfer a blog from other blog sites to the FC2 Blog!!

Your blog can be easily imported from other blog sites to the FC2 Blog. Move to FC2 Blog and try it!
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If you are already an FC2 Blog user, you can import a blog to the one you are using now.

How to Import Your Blog to the FC2 Blog

  1. Register for the FC2 Blog.

    Register for the FC2ID.

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  2. From other service's blog
    Export your entry from other service's blog. It's easy!
  3. to FC2 Blog
    Import the data to FC2 Blog.
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Even if you use our blog import service, your entries in other blog services will not be deleted.

  • Please note that the export method differs with the blog service.
    *Export from Blogger >> More detail
    * Export from Wordpress >> More detail
  • Before you import, make sure that the time zone setting between the previous blog and FC2 Blog is the same. Otherwise entries' date and time will differ.
    * How to set the time zone of FC2 Blog >> Login to the management page > 'Blog'> 'Environment setting'>'User information setting'> 'Time Zone'
    * How to set the time zone of Blogger  >> More detail
  • Please note that when you import the same file many times, the entry will be saved as many as you imported.
  • For Blogger and Wordpress, you can import comment and images at the same time.

Importable Blogs

You can import entries from the following blog service.

  • Blogs which support export by MT format
  • Blogger
  • Wordpress