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Small Bathroom Designs

Homeowners need not stress over small bathroom designs. Although the space element may be limited, there are several creative ways to maximize what you have. Here are some top ideas for small bathrooms. Pick Light Colors The color of your bath is crucial to creating great first impressions. Small bathrooms should always avoid dark, heavy colors. These can make your bath seem both assuming and smaller than it is. Light, pastel colors on the other hand with small designs are perfect. These colors create the impression of spaciousness. These are also the colors that can make any room fell fresh, airy and relaxing. Mix and match pastel colors for your floor, walls, cabinets and fixtures. Use Corner and Overhead Spaces Make use of unused spaces. The key is to make the most out of these small unused areas. You could for example push your bath tub and toilet to the wall to ensure that no remaining unused space at the back remains. You can also use corners for a hanging sink and a corner shower booth. Overhead spaces can still accommodate cabinets, hamper hooks and racks. As much as possible, keep the floor space free except for your tub, shower stall and toilet. Choose Smaller Bath Items Pick out small items and bathroom accessories. Bath fixtures don't come in single sizes. If you do not have a family of giants, then you can settle for a smaller toilet, bathtub and sink. Do make sure though that you have fixtures that you are comfortable using. Consult the biggest member of your family when picking the smallest possible fixture available. Use Mirrors All bathrooms need mirrors. Small bathrooms would look perfect with unadorned mirrors. Extremely small bathrooms might have to do with small round mirrors. Small baths though that aren't exactly too cramped could use wide mirrors that stretch across walls. It may not be obvious to some but mirrors are design accents that are more than just functional. These reflective surfaces will help make your bathr

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