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Room Design Ideas and Planning

If you are planning a small renovation of a room or even a large renovation, you might want to consider doing a little bit of homework before you embark on your adventure. Room design can be fun and can actually involve the entire family however without a little knowledge under your belt you might find it very costly as well. Most people who begin to design a new room will do so on a budget that does not allow for room or error. But after a little homework and a lot of patience, you design will sure to satisfy your taste and cravings for showing off your creativity. To begin a room design you will want to start with an inventory the furniture, area of the room, flooring and paint that is already in the room. Some of the furniture and other items already in the room you might be able to salvage and use in the new room design. Unless you are revamping the entire room with a new style and theme, there is no reason why you couldn’t use the current list of inventory but just with a new look. If the room you are going to change is the living room bed room or even a library, the choices are unlimited as far as flooring, furniture, paint and design. Look at the existing inventory and if you want to change the look, color, etc try using a variety of fabrics available to recover the furniture. You might want to consider slip covers in order to stay within budget. These can be easily whipped up on an inexpensive sewing machine. The fabrics you choose could be coordinates to the paint and the flooring as well. Speaking of flooring, this is the next big step in room design. You will want to choose flooring that works with the functionality of the room. For instance, if you will have a lot of traffic in the room, you might want to choose a tile that is scuff proof and washes easily without fading. If it is going to get a little traffic in the room but is in a central part of the house where most of the traffic flows through the room, you might want to consider purchasing

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