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Romantic Wedding Gowns

Weddings are all about love, so why not express that sentiment with a romantic wedding gown? There are certain fabrics, styles, and features which can go a long way to enhance the romantic flavor of a bridal gown. These are some of the most romantic wedding dresses, which are sure to appeal to any bride. One thing that all romantic wedding gowns have in common is that they are soft and feminine. A romantic gown is not too modern, architectural, or overtly sexy. Remember that romance is love suggested rather than bluntly revealed; in other words, the surprise of a slightly low cut back on a wedding dress could be romantic, but a plunging neckline that reveals all of the bridal "goodies", is too overt and crass to be romantic. Fabric has a lot to do with creating a romantic effect. Soft and sheer fabrics such as lace, tulle, organza, and chiffon are the essence of femininity. Any gown that appears to float when it moves is a great choice. Very shiny fabrics such as satin, though gorgeous, tend to be more princess like than romantic, so that is something to keep in mind when shopping. Light and airy embellishments will be more dreamy than heavy or bold details. Some of the most enchanting adornments for bridal gowns include lace, flowers, and fabric petals. Floral details are always romantic and charming, and they can work well on many different styles of gowns. Classic brides will adore lace appliqués which cover the bodice of a gown and drip down gently onto a tulle or organza skirt. Flower petals are another detail which embody the spirit of romance on a tulle or organza gown. An updated version of these petals can be seen in the current collection by Oscar de la Renta, which pairs timeless 1950s silhouettes with unique handmade organza petals. Echo the details on the gown with custom bridal jewelry which is created from keshi pearls, which are also known as petal pearls. A wedding gown does not have to be shaped like a classic 1950s dress to b

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